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The Aristocratic Pet is a pet magazine full of interesting and useful information about pets. This magazine is for pet lovers. The magazine is useful for pet lovers as they will find information about food, essential items, vaccination, insurance, and more.

We are looking for writers having experience in this niche. If you have written for pet magazines before or if you have good knowledge about the topic then you can write for us. You will be able to become part of a good team of writers and learn from them.

You must write unique articles for our magazine. You can choose any topic related to pets, but make sure that the topic has not been covered yet in the magazine. You must write in general terms, by not using any jargon. Our readers include both experienced pet owners and those who are new pet owners.

Your articles must be short, no longer than 700 words, and must contain links to good blogs or other resources. This will allow the readers to get more information about pets. Make sure that you proofread your articles before submission.

We will review your article and give you our feedback. You might have to change the content accordingly. Please contact us for more information.